The Bristol Bikefest is supported by the following:

Bristol Beer Factory started life in 2004 brewing just a few standard cask-conditioned ales in a vibrant part of South Bristol.

We soon realised that there is so much more to brewing and many more styles of beer we want to try and so we have developed our production to offer a range of different regular bottled ales, cask ales and a variety of interesting specials throughout the year.

We are not afraid to try something new and the company has a firm belief that all the great ideas are already within the walls of the brewery – it’s just a matter of extracting them out of the team within.

It really is all about the beer.  We love what we do, we love to drink it and we love to experiment.  We are proud to be part of the current ‘craft beer revolution’ and will do our utmost to persuade, convince and tell everyone we meet what they should be drinking.

Visit www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk online.

RideGuards are designed, tested and made in Bristol, UK.

With over 20 years designing for some of the worlds best-loved bike brands,  combined with our passion for bikes, design and local manufacturing led us to create RideGuard mudguards. We’ve used multiple guards for all sorts of riding over the years, and we felt we could make improvements. Our guards are designed, tested and made in Bristol, a city with a well-established cycling tradition. One that gives us access to a variety of athletes, riding applications to test our guards, and ensure they’ll work anywhere in the world.

We’re passionate about keeping things local and making our products as eco-friendly as possible. RideGuards are manufactured from recycled industrial waste, don’t require any extra packaging, and with added features like the Sag Setter on the PF1 guards, we’re making the most of every last piece of material.

Visit www.rideguard.co.uk online.

For more information regarding our products email – info@RideGuard.co.uk


CarbonCycles make the highest quality carbon fibre bicycle components. Their design and manufacturing processes are truly innovative & components perfectly balance lightweight & strength.

Visit carboncycles.cc online

Disco Brakes put the style in stopping! Their range of top quality, low-cost brake pads, hoses, cables, adapters and rotors offer incredible performance that can be delivered quickly to your door without breaking the bank.

Visit discobrakes.com online

NAMEDSPORT> Stay Trained!

Born from a passion for sports and their thirty-year experience in the pharmaceutical sector, NAMEDSPORT> intends to become the reference brand for the integration of food supplements and sports.

Performing intensive exercise creates “abnormal” stress on the body so that the required needs are sometimes not matched by our access to good quality meals. Sports nutrition is the tool at the disposal of the sportsman, both professional and amateur, to support energy supply, promote recovery and to prevent some problems related to intensive sport.

Each sport has different nutritional demands which can be helped by the NAMEDSPORT> range of supplements. In fact, you can provide specific nutrients to help before, during and after sports in line with the body’s physiology.

NAMEDSPORT> only uses the best ingredients to ensure high quality and support them with the latest scientific research. In addition, we comply with current health regulations, are doping-free and are approved by many professional sports organisations and clinical studies.

Visit namedsport online