Briefing & Rules

Briefing & Rules:

The ride will have an open start. Riders can start their sportive at any time in between the 8.00 – 10.00am (7.00am for the full course).

All sportive riders will have been given a timing chip which needs to be securely fitted to the bike (please ask staff for the correct location). If you forget to fit your timing chip we will not be able to time your ride and give you a finishing time.

Number boards will be given out to you at the signing on. They have to be visibly attached to centre of the handlebars. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their number is clearly legible when passing control points (feed stations, split points and finish line).

You will be given a back-up map at signing on. Please make sure that you take the map in case marking is unclear or has been removed. It also carries emergency numbers which might will be essential in case you get into trouble.

Do not leave the course until you have either signed off at the start/finish line or you have informed a marshal or other official by ensuring that they make a note of your number.

The route will be way marked with arrows (white on red AND/OR black on red). It is essential that you stay on the marked route at all times. We will focus on marking when you turn off the road you are on – rather than put a marker every hundred yards on the same stretch of road.

All split points are clearly marked. If uncertain of where to go please check with the marshal or check your back-up map.

The course is run entirely on open roads. You must obey all Highway Code Rules. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction. There is no road too small for a tractor or a Landrover to come around the corner.

Please take extra caution and only overtake other riders if you are sure that you don’t affect other road users.

Please do not pass through any traffic lights on red! Police will be patrolling the route and any cyclists found to be riding outside of the road rules will be subject to fines. Failure to comply with the rule will result in disqualification.

The route will be marshalled at key points. Riders, as well as spectators, have to follow marshals and officials instructions at all times prior, during and after the ride.

Please take a mobile phone for emergencies. You will find the emergency numbers on your number board as well as on this briefing.

There will be feed stations along the way, but it is essential to carry sufficient food, water, waterproofs and repair kit!! Make sure you eat and drink sufficiently – before, during and after the ride!! The feed stations are for replenishing your supplies but they are not to be relied upon as the only source of your provisions. Distances/locations of feed stations will be confirmed nearer the time.

Next to one of the feed stations we will have technical support where minor technical problems can be repaired. In case of a technical problem please make your way to a technical service station so that you can finish the ride securely and safely.

No participant (other than those on tandems) may take food or drink from anyone whilst on the move. If you need food or drink, you must stop to receive it.

Mobile support vehicles in the form of cars or motorbikes are strictly forbidden and will lead to disqualification. You may however receive outside support from a stationary vehicle any such vehicle must not interfere with the progress of the riders.

Please make sure that you go through the official finish at the event village so that we can register you.

Every rider is obliged to help if another rider is in trouble and also has to let the nearest marshal know.

You must complete the course within 8 hours to be classified as a finisher. Cut off times for the three courses will be announced on the day.

Everyone is requested not to leave any rubbish on the course or on the car park.

Safety-approved cycling helmets are compulsory. We recommend cycle helmets complying with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards. Any rider not wearing a helmet whilst participating on the event will be excluded. Cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys are also recommended.

All riders are recommended to carry 2 drink bottles, an energy bar or similar snack, tools 2 replacement inner tubes and suitable wet weather clothing. We also advise that riders carry I/D and a small amount of money.

Riders are responsible for the perfect technical condition of their bike.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to any personal belongings.

Bristol Belter organizers reserve the right to terminate an individual’s ride on health and safety grounds. The ride will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. Entry fees, however, are not refundable.