About the Bristol Belter

The Bristol Belter is a twist on the classic sportive.

There are three courses to choose from – with a classic 100 miler for the die-hard sportive-heads, a mid-sized 63mile ‘Short Belter’ and a more sedate 44mile ‘Mini Belter’.

The classic Full Belter is a 100 mile lap of the Cotswolds and the Mendips. It starts with a ‘warm up’ loop of the Cotswold hills then heads south west, taking in the Mendips and the lakes around Chew. There’s plenty of miles, plenty of climbing and plenty of feed stations for a great-big day out.

We’ve designed the rides so that they link together, allowing riders on the shorter events to meet up with the Full Belter and ride together.

Enter the Bristol Belter here

The Belters

Mini Belter:

Approx. 70km (44miles), 1,100 of climbing and 3 feed stations (including the finish line feed station) – details

Short Belter:

Approx. 100km (63miles), 1,650 of climbing and 3 feed stations (including the finish line feed station) – details

Full Belter:

Approx. 160km (100miles), 2,450 of climbing and 4 feed stations (including the finish line feed station) – The Full Belter is divided into two loops – a Cotswold and a Mendip loop – details

Enter the Belter

You can enter the Belter Sportive here.

The entry fee is £29 / £24 (for the Mini Belter) and includes:

– Ride entry
– Electronic chip timing
– Feed stations on course
– Finishing present
– Free parking
– Free usage of facilities
– Free certification

Event concept:

The Bristol Belter is a non-competitive road sportive.

The start will open at 8.00am (7.00am for the Full Belter) and will stay open for approximately 2 hours. Riders can set off in waves at their own pace.

The courses are fully marked but every rider will get a small ‘backup map’ just in case.

On course you’ll find various feed stations to top up your energy levels – these will also have mechanics to keep your bike running beautifully all day.

For anyone that decides to retire early, we’ll have broom wagons on course to lend a hand.

The feed stations act as check points and there are also further ‘hidden’ checkpoints to make sure that no riders get lost and that everybody completes one of the courses on offer.

Belter Certificates:

Complete the Belter within our target times and you’ll receive a much-coveted Belter certificate.

Full course – fastest 4:35 – slowest 8:43 (average 6:56:27) in 2015
Gold: 4:30 – 6:00 (or faster)
Silver: 6:01 – 7:00
Bronze: 7:01 – 8:00

Short course – fastest 3:18 – slowest 7:22 (average 4:46:41) in 2015
Gold: 3:00 – 4:00 (or faster)
Silver: 4:01 – 5:00
Bronze: 5:01 – 6:00

Mini course – fastest 2:47 – slowest 6:38 (average 4:14:11) in 2015
Gold: 2:30 – 3:30 (or faster)
Silver: 3:31 – 4:30
Bronze: 4:31 – 5:30

Please ask the timing staff at the finish line for your personal certificate.